Find frequently asked answers to your questions about our products.

Q1. How do I submit a custom design that I want made for me?

A. You can digitally sculpt designs using freeware like Sculptris and submit images of this design to us at Our team will review your design to see if it is feasible for us to create. If approved, we will make a mold for it. By doing so you give us the rights to the design in exchange for a 90% discount on the purchase of the newly minted product. Keep in mind that we abide by Canadian law and reserve the right to refuse designs that violate community standards or Canadian law.

Q2. What lubricants can I use with my Untamed Canadian Wild silicone toys?

A. We recommend sticking to water-based lubricants as these tend to be highly compatible with silicone rubber. Some oil based lubricants are also generally okay, but we recommend testing them on a small area of the product first before actual use. Finally, we recommend that you avoid using silicone based lubricants as these can degrade silicone rubber over time.

Q3. Can I store my Untamed Canadian Wild products with other toys?

A. Our year long product testing showed that storing our toys with competitor’s rubber-based toys or other Untamed Canadian Wild products did not cause any degradation to occur. However, it is generally advised that you keep silicone toys separate from other silicone, rubber or vinyl products as their interaction can result in degradation of your items and we cannot guarantee that other company’s products can be safely stored with our own products. We believe that our toys are resistant to degradation because we use 100% real silicone rubber with no added thermoplastic rubber or imitation materials. To reduce the risk of negative interactions between your products, do try to keep all toys that are made from different materials in separate storage areas and ensure that you clean your toys after use.

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