Welcome to Untamed Canadian Wild! Located in Vancouver, BC, we hope to provide high-quality, custom made silicone rubber adult goods to our Canadian, American, and international customers. Please have a look at the goods we currently have in stock (all have been manufactured locally and are 100% proudly Canadian). We always use high quality, skin safe liquid silicone rubber for all our products and we consider each to be its own work of art that we handcrafted ourselves.

We recommend that you follow general instructions for maintaining your Untamed Canadian Wild silicone rubber goods as this will improve their longevity and your experience with them. At a minimum, try to use only water-based lubricants and avoid storing your toy with other objects made from rubber or vinyl.

If you have specific interests and wish to have a custom good created for you by our team, feel free to contact us by email describing your interests. Dimensions that can be custom designed include coloration and hardness.


*** Important note: Due to the silicone rubber manufacturing process, occasional air bubble textures do appear on our artwork. While we do our best to minimize the appearance of these, the sculptures may not be entirely non-porous although they can still be easily cleaned. Prices are discounted in consideration of the inconvenience this may cause for some customers. We will continue to aim for perfection and improve the process to the extent that we can can!!

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